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Couples: Create Registry

Friends and family can personalize beautiful online wedding cards for you and have the option to include any amount they would like to gift. Gifting is always presented as optional, keeping the experience elegant.

Set up a FREE registry in 5-minutes by giving us some information about you and your wedding and avoid lost envelopes on the wedding day! We also give you the option to create a customized gift list so guests can see what their gifts are going toward. GiftAmor tracks all gifts making Thank You cards a breeze!

  • See the beautiful experience for your guests
  • Secure payments system
  • Easy direct deposit of gifts anytime you choose

Some Etiquette Advice: Introducing your guests to GiftAmor

Create Registry

Guests: Give a Gift

Send your well wishes to the lovely couple by personalizing a beautiful online wedding card and have the option to include any amount you would like to gift.

GiftAmor lets you avoid dull drugstore cards, lost envelopes and the slim pickings of a traditional registry. No more searching for addresses, checkbooks or stamps. GiftAmor makes it easy to gift the perfect present!

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Why Giftamor?
Secure Payments
No Lost Envelopes
Gifting Always Presented
as Optional
Free for Couples
Saves Money
Avoid Dull Drugstore Cards
Saves Energy
Avoid Checkbooks, Snail Mail
and Stamps
Easy Online Experience
Saves Time

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